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MSF - Hands On Workshop (for CTEC)


  3 days





This workshop gives the possibility to test the knowledge about MSF in a real-life scenario. As a special exam preparation the participation is highly recommended.

This workshop gives answers to the question: How can I deal with MSF in my projects? In the workshop we won't tell you WHAT but HOW to do it. The students will carry out a complete project: starting with the customer request about budgeting, planning, developing, and testing up to deploying. During the workshop you clarify HOW MSF can help to complete a project successfully.

To form the practice transfer and the learning success as efficiently and effectively as possible the workshop uses methods of experimental learning. During the workshop the real project world will be simulated. The students can try out and practice the MSF principles without being able to cause an actual damage.

Every group (max. 8 students) are coached by two trainers. During the workshop the trainers and the students will work out the students specific learning points.

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